The Friday Five — 5/9/14

1. Female professors less likely to have children
A Times Higher Education article reports that female professors in Australia are less likely than their male counterparts to have children, often because they viewed having children as a hindrance to career advancement and travel opportunities.

2. Why I Filmed My Abortion
25 year old Emily Letts filmed her surgical abortion and posted it to Facebook because “there are no positive abortion stories on video for everyone to see.”  The approximately three-minute clip shows Emily before, during, and after the surgery, which was brief and, for the most part, guilt-free.  The video focuses on Emily’s face during the procedure and is not at all graphic.  Bravo, Emily!

3. Mostly Straight, Most of the Time
A timely follow-up to my “bisexual erasure” piece from last week.  More and more straight men are “coming out” as having homosexual inclinations, according to an article on Good Men Project.  What does it mean to be “mostly straight”?

4. Stop Saying ‘I Have a Boyfriend’
This piece so much.  We all do it, girls — “I have a boyfriend” is the convenient fallback response to any kind of unwanted attraction, but it completely robs us of our own voice and agency.  Why isn’t “I’m not interested” enough?  It should be.

New Pittsburgh Penguins UPMC Sports Complex!
This last one has absolutely nothing to do with gender relations, but I’m a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan and am thrilled that the construction for the new complex is underway.  The center is in Cranberry, a suburb of Pittsburgh, and the township where my dad lives.  Does this mean that come next summer, I’ll be able to drive down the street and watch my favorite hockey team practice?  You bet!