Month: June 2014

A Culture of Busyness

I’m not going to lie — there were some more self-serving motivations lurking behind my latest article, namely that it’s the start of a summer semester and I have to get my affairs in order. If you ever taken summer college courses, you probably know that most of them are “accelerated,” meaning that instead of taking place over the usual 15 week duration, they are 10, 8, 5, and sometimes even 3-week classes that meet several times a week for more than the standard hour and fifteen minutes. I have four of these this summer, which, at times, will feel like eight. The potential for headspin is high for both students and teachers!

The thing is — I love my job. I really do. And whenever I talk about work, I like to think of myself as more the “I really love what I do and being absorbed with it” type rather than the “Look, everyone, at how BUSY I am” bragger-for-the-sake-of-bragging. And yet, even though some of us may willingly define ourselves by our professions, we can’t exist exclusively in that capacity. This week’s Role/Reboot article offers some practical advice to those of us who happily “live to work”: let’s not feel guilty for taking time to have some fun, too!

“Knowing How to Play When You Live to Work” — June 10, 2014 on Role/Reboot