“Bill, I love you so, I always will.”

Bill O’Reilly says things sometimes. Things that make me tilt my head to the side like a confused dog. Things that make me visibly angry. And things that call attention to the glaring irony of his “Pinheads & Patriots” segment, being that he has repeatedly made himself known, at least to me, as the former.

And usually, I’m able to write O’Reilly off, until one day when he called two female analysts onto his show to grill them about Michele Bachmann’s assertion that America “isn’t ready” for a female president. I enjoy writing open letters, particularly to people who drive me crazy, because I can interject more than my typical amount of sass into my language. The two analysts are as baffled answering O’Reilly’s question as I was watching the entire segment, but even more outrageous is the fact that rather than subject himself to backlash by agreeing with Bachmann, O’Reilly clearly intends to use his female guests as scapegoats. It’s two and a half minutes of cloak-and-dagger and it fails, miserably.

An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly: No, There’s No ‘Downside’ To a Female President — March 3, 2014 on Role/Reboot


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