Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

Pittsburgh is one of those topics — along with Meryl Streep, feminism, teaching, and cheese — that I could probably talk about for hours.  I probably have, come to think of it.  There’s a lot to gush about.

So when the sports editor over at The Good Men Project sent out an e-mail asking for Valentine’s Day “love stories” on our favorite teams, I was ready to rep the Steel City.

Though I wasn’t brought up there, I’ve reconnected with my father’s side of the family after my parents divorced and he returned to his hometown.  Pittsburgh is very much a big city with a small town feel — every neighborhood is unique from the rest and most areas are brimming with things to do — I hope to write more about my home away from home in the future.  For now, enjoy this fun little piece on Pirates, Penguins, and Primanti’s.

We Are Family: My Love Affair with a City That Loves Its Sports — February 14, 2014 on Good Men Project


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