Putting a Little “Ick” Into Your Valentine’s Day!

Anyone who knows me personally is well aware that I have periodically encountered some real winners on the twenty-something dating scene (shit, haven’t we all?), and one of my favorite pastimes is recounting the cream of the ridiculous crop to my very entertained friends.  And thought I don’t believe in kissing and telling in a very public online space, I do think that the fellow who inspired my article for Role/Reboot yesterday is just too much of a laughably awful person not to serve as an example to the rest of us.

The day after my Worst Date Ever, I knew there had to be a lesson in there somewhere. And there was. Most people are not that horrible. Most people have more admirable intentions. There’s ignoring real red flags and creating red flags where there are none, and I’m happy to be learning more about the area in between.

“What I Learned From My Worst Date Ever — February 13, 2014 on Role/Reboot


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