Month: February 2014

Enjoying the Silence (Without the Guilt)

Saying ‘no’ has never come easy to me.  I like to accommodate people and hate to let them down.  The result, often, is that I overschedule, and cramming too much into a single day leaves me more worn out and useless than if I had budgeted my time more carefully.  

The article I wrote for Role/Reboot today mentions my life as a teacher quite a bit.  I used my platform as a teacher to not only stress how demanding jobs with high amounts of social interaction can be (nurses, managers, moms!), but to hopefully generate an awareness of just how hard teachers work every day, night, and weekend.  While I love my active social life and my job, I realize that the need for a quiet moment alone is essential for facing obligations and challenges with a fresh and positive attitude.

Why You Need To Take Care Of Yourself And Not Feel Guilty About It — February 28, 2014 on Role/Reboot

Tonight, I think that there is a fizzy lavender-scented bath bomb with my name on it.  How do you prefer to unwind?


Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

Pittsburgh is one of those topics — along with Meryl Streep, feminism, teaching, and cheese — that I could probably talk about for hours.  I probably have, come to think of it.  There’s a lot to gush about.

So when the sports editor over at The Good Men Project sent out an e-mail asking for Valentine’s Day “love stories” on our favorite teams, I was ready to rep the Steel City.

Though I wasn’t brought up there, I’ve reconnected with my father’s side of the family after my parents divorced and he returned to his hometown.  Pittsburgh is very much a big city with a small town feel — every neighborhood is unique from the rest and most areas are brimming with things to do — I hope to write more about my home away from home in the future.  For now, enjoy this fun little piece on Pirates, Penguins, and Primanti’s.

We Are Family: My Love Affair with a City That Loves Its Sports — February 14, 2014 on Good Men Project

Putting a Little “Ick” Into Your Valentine’s Day!

Anyone who knows me personally is well aware that I have periodically encountered some real winners on the twenty-something dating scene (shit, haven’t we all?), and one of my favorite pastimes is recounting the cream of the ridiculous crop to my very entertained friends.  And thought I don’t believe in kissing and telling in a very public online space, I do think that the fellow who inspired my article for Role/Reboot yesterday is just too much of a laughably awful person not to serve as an example to the rest of us.

The day after my Worst Date Ever, I knew there had to be a lesson in there somewhere. And there was. Most people are not that horrible. Most people have more admirable intentions. There’s ignoring real red flags and creating red flags where there are none, and I’m happy to be learning more about the area in between.

“What I Learned From My Worst Date Ever — February 13, 2014 on Role/Reboot