Gay Rights: The Final Frontier of NFL Activism

I may or may not have a big ol’ crush on former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe.  Here he is being adorable on Ellen:

Shaggy hockey hair and unapologetic social activism. Is there anything sexier?

Chris Kluwe has been in the news quite a bit recently after his firing from the Vikings — a move he claims was directly related to his very public activism in support of LGBT rights. published this letter from Kluwe outlining all the harassment and orders to keep quiet he received from various Vikings staff members, two of whom were coaches.  No stranger to Deadspin, Kluwe previously published a letter through the site in 2012 defending fellow NFL player Brendon Ayanbadejo, a Ravens linebacker who was told to curb his own gay rights activism by a Maryland politician.  Personally, I’m an instant fan of anyone who uses the terms “clusterfuck” and “cockmonster” in the same piece.

Activism, by and large, is encouraged in the NFL.  Volunteering for the United Way?  Right on!  Speaking out against domestic violence?  Considering that a lot of our players have problems in this department…sure!  Breast Cancer Awareness?  Let’s paint the gridiron pink!  Somehow, the only support off-limits is that of gay rights.  By stifling LGBT activism, professional organizations like the NFL are contributing to the kind of homophobic hypermasculinity that drives men like Ritchie Incognito to spout hatred.  Chris Kluwe, on the other hand, has repeatedly demonstrated that he is the kind of “real man” role model American boys need. The fine people over at Role/Reboot thought so too:

“Why We Need More Gay Rights Activism in Professional Sports” — January 12, 2014 on Role/Reboot



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